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Good boy
September 6, 2009, 10:17 am
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Today, mummy and I got up early (for a Sunday) and went to the roundabout.  On the way, she kept feeding me yummy kibble when I walked by her side.  Believe me, I was by her side a lot.  And then we went into the roundabout park.  And there, mummy did some training exercises with me.  She started off doing a sit-stay with a very short come.  And I got some kibble.  Then she let me run a bit.  Then all of a sudden, I heard the whistle and she called out “Come” with authority.  I saw she had food in her hand too…so I dashed right to her.  Every time I came to see how mummy was doing, she gave me food.  So I didn’t go too far away.  It was kinda cool as mummy knew that there weren’t many things that would take away my attention and she didn’t try to get me to come when there were other things fighting for my attention.  She’s very smart, my mummy.  I did bark at someone, but when mummy told me to stop, I did.  I even sat down.  Mummy was very proud of me and gave me some more kibble.  We kept going until she ran out of food, which was about half of my breakie.  I had fun and she was pleased.  It was a good morning.