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Found THE product
July 29, 2009, 8:16 am
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Due to our lovely doodles walking issues…in other words, his PULLING…we’ve been trying to find a product that would work for him and us so he can walk at heal and on a loose lead when not at heal.  We’ve been working on doing it with just the basic collar and we tried out the Halti Halter with the lead that connects to front and back.  It was too fiddly and just didn’t work out well for Barney.  None of us liked it.  He also came with a face halter.  That really didn’t work out – I had worries that his neck muscles would get ripped.  But we didn’t give up.

Our trainer had shown us a few other options and one was the Lupi harness.  It’s very simple.  It ends up pulling up at the front of the dog is he pulls.  And it WORKS FOR US!!!!  He was staying at heal, hardly pulling at all.  The movement restriction seemed to be exactly what we needed.  It makes it probably a less enjoyable walk for Barney at times, due to the fact that he doesn’t get to sniff as much…but I’m more likely to then take him to the park, take off the Lupi and put on the longer lead so he can sniff for longer.  Especially as he’s responding a bit less to dogs in the vicinity.

So it’s starting to come together.  We’re going to keep doing the indoor work and back garden work off lead so that Barney starts paying more attention to us and less to the outside world, but it’s going to be a process that I think will last a while.