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A few changes
September 12, 2009, 3:03 pm
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Barney has had some ups and downs lately.  More ups, to be honest, but the downs have been rough on him.  Last night, when Roy returned from work, he found Barney with swollen shut eyes and a dog who didn’t want to go outside…a very, very rare sight.  He gave the dog an antihistimine which seemed to help, but also got in touch with the vet who had him come over immediately.   She isn’t sure what is entirely wrong, but we have drops and pills for him to take.  We’re hoping it’s either allergies or just a case of conjunctivitis caused by grit or something.  Worse case would be ‘dry eye’ which is a never ending issue and would mean we’d have to put in drops every day for the rest of his life.

On the upside…the dogs training is going very well.  He has gotten much more comfortable with people coming into the house who he doesn’t know.  In addition, he is also getting so much better at recall and his ‘stays’.  For example…today I took him to the park with the long lead and he was really good at his sit-stays and comes.  And in the roundabout park, he came every time I called, even though he was off lead (nothing going on around him, but hey, it’s still fantastic).  And today as we were a few houses away, I dropped his lead and he still walked by my side all the way home (thanks for the idea Jags).  YAY!  Between what we’re doing and our dog walker/trainer is doing, Barney is learning so much!