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Just busy being a dog
June 12, 2011, 7:11 pm
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Hi.  I know.  It’s been a while.  Mummy has been busy lately and hasn’t wanted to type for me.  But I begged and begged her to do it.  I got powers ya know.  For reals.

I’ve been busy too.  I go on three walks a day.  Three.  And when I’m not sleeping, I go and sniff stuff, play with my mummy’s socks (nom, nom) and lick the daddy’s computer.  On weekends, I even get to sleep in and cuddle with the mummy and daddy.  I lurve it.

Last weekend, mummy and daddy invited some people to the house for a bbq.  I was a bit nervous at first, and I have to admit that I barked at ’em, but eventually they started giving me food and that made me a bit more relaxed, cause I knew they had to be good people.  And even better, they sat down on the lawn so I could look at them face to face…that always makes me feel better.  I even let a few of the hoomons pet me.  It was okay.  I slept really hard that night.  It’s very exhausting looking out for mummy and daddy.

I’m also quite proud right now.  There’s a HOOG picture of me hanging in our living room over my couch.  Mummy asked me to sit and pose one day for a portrait.  She said I looked so hansom.  I don’t know what that means but she was smiling so I think it’s a good thing.  Here’s a picture of me sitting on the couach under my picture…cool.  Do you think I’m hansum?


Hi doggies & trainer!
July 22, 2009, 2:59 pm
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For some reason, we weren’t thinking, and decided to walk with Barney to Tesco (shopping).  Yes, WE.  We left the house and right in front of us was an old guy walking four dogs (3 off lead).  They were clearly well trained.  Barney was clearly not.  He was pulling and barking and trying to get to the dogs.  Roy had the lead and was trying to slow Barney’s barrage.  We let him sniff and then dragged him, fighting and kicking, away.  He’s very good at temper tantrums.

We walked about 100 yrds and Barney was still a bit mad….pulling like crazy.  We decided that the walk was a bad idea, turned around and there was our dog trainer sitting in his van watching us struggle.  We’re calling him tonight to make another appointment.  This is going to take a LONG time.  LONG time.