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November 3, 2009, 11:42 am
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Hi all.  These are the reasons why I, Barney doodle, love autumn (or fall for you US folk):

  • There are tons of leaves on the ground, even in our more urban/suburban locale.  And other dogs wee in those leaves so I have lots of stuff to smell.
  • Mummy loves the fact that there are leaves on the pavement too…cause I tend to wee on them instead of on the concrete, and so I’m less likely to get wee on my paws as per usual.  When mummy is happy, I’m happy.
  • Because it gets dark early, I get really long walks during the weekend to make up for not getting walks in the fields in the evening.  I have so much fun with other dogs then and get to see lots of my friends.
  • It’s a lot colder now, which makes me happy cause I’m normally a bit warm (or even hot) with the big heavy coat that I have.  Cold is good!
  • When it rains, the puddles seem to be better and muddier and smellier…and I get to go face diving in them all!  I love getting muddy and smelly.

What I don’t like about autumn/fall:

  • More baths.  It seems as if mummy and daddy don’t like me go face diving so much.  And so I get a lot more baths right now.  I don’t like them.  I try to get away, but just can’t.  It’s a bummer.
  • No more walkies in the park at night or with mummy in the morning.  While the streets are fine, they just aren’t quite the same.  Mummy is too scared to walk me in the park in the dark.  I told her I’d protect her, but I guess the fact that old ladies seem to scare me didn’t give her much confidence in that.

Well…that’s it from me for now.  Mum and dad are feeling better after a round of stomach flu and hangovers, so I hope to have more pics in the near future of me having fun and running around!