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And he’s 11+
May 2, 2018, 8:19 pm
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Barney is still with us a bit over a year later. He’s definitely feeling more his age of 11-1/2.  He’s been suffering from arthritis but he’s doing okay.  We’re keeping him on lead walks instead of letting him run around and he’s taking some meds which also appear to be working for him (some of them are all natural stuff and he has meds from his vet when necessary).  He has also had a problem with his pancreas and so is now on a low fat diet – believe me, he loves it, as it’s a raw food diet with special mixes of meats, veg and bone.  He dances every time he gets a meal.

In his old age Barney has become a lot friendlier and is open to meeting new people much more quickly.  Yes, he still barks at first, but he gets over his fears quite quickly (especially if he’s given treats).  He’s our lovely gentle giant.