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Some videos of Barney in Norfolk…
October 24, 2012, 5:50 pm
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The Warm Up –
The False start –
Take 1 –
Take 2 –

They finally got it after a while…it was awesome!



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OMG was watching last night and then “bang” there was Barney on the screen I screamed and started bawling lol Huby thought I was mental xxx He looked fab xxx

Comment by allison6564Allison

I know! The husband and I were both pointing it out to Barney (who could care less)…”That’s YOU!!!”

Comment by mrsukyankee

aww bless him showed our littel boy last night, just put it on and said keep watching and right away he was shouting BArney BArney lol keeps asking if he can go to london to see him hahahaha we have a little dog now, a cairn terrier and things are so much easier…always try and put people off in the shop if they come in and are wanting a big dog just for having a big dog’s sake if you know what I mean, always make sure they know all the facts …it was heart breaking having to rehome him but so glad I did as you guys have giving him so much more than I ever could in training etc and love although I did have lots of that and still do xxxx

Comment by allison6564Allison

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