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The New Door
February 16, 2012, 10:19 am
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We recently purchased a new door.  It’s all fancy-schmancy…with a keypad/remote controlled door.  If you want, it talks to you to let you know if it’s locked or not.  Needless to say, Barney is a bit freaked out by the door.  We started off by having to turn off the voice, though it still makes some clicking/whooshing noises as it opens and closes (I feel all futuristic).  He still was a bit freaked.  But…he’s finally figured out the positive to the door:

Yup, he has his own peek-hole!  Now this means that he’s barking a lot more as he’ll back at anything that moves (the glass is somewhat obscurred but he can see a bit through it).  But he lurves it.  He just sits there and looks out onto the world.

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Barney, You have some interesting parents. Are they trying to freak you out?? I have a glass sliding door out back and I can sit there and see everything that is going on outside. Then I can bark and have my mommy or daddy open the door for me to go into the back yard. I then come right back and they have to open the door again to let me in. They say somethings about me being an in-and-out dog but I give them some exercise which they need. So keep up the barking – that what we dogs do. However, I do not believe that your door is talking to you – it is just talking to those silly humans. Who can figure THEM out – a talking door!!!! Let’s keep in touch. Your friend, MAX

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