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When doodles go bad…
January 17, 2011, 5:14 pm
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Here is the couch which Barney is meant to sleep on if he wants couch time:

As you can see, it’s a good doodle size, with nice cushioning and a cover so the couch itself doesn’t get messed up.

And here is where I found Barney when I arrived home today:

This is the couch that Barney is NEVER allowed on.  Ever.  If he tries to get up, he gets shoved off.  Notice the big stain?  Yes, that it Barney’s wet & dirty spot.

I think we’ve been a bit too lenient with him lately, allowing him far too much attention and run of the house.  My guess is that Barney has decided that he rules the roost…he didn’t listen to me to go outside or sit, which he normally does, so he’s in full rebellion.  I am currently and totally ignoring him right now.  I’m going to have to work on this with my husband as he hates seeing Barney not get the attention Barney wants…we have to work on this as I don’t want two ruined couches in my house.


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I had to laugh. Siri is spoiled rotten and often misbehaves after getting away with too much or excessive cuddles/treats. His latest trick is running into the lounge as soon as Adrian leaves the room to snuggle me on the couch and jumping off as soon as he hears him coming back in.

Good luck being tough with your adorable pooch. 🙂

Comment by Aisling

Cripes! Bad Barney!
Good luck – he’s too adorable to discipline!

Comment by Vegemite Wife

Hi Dude –
Obviously, your mom hasn’t yet figured out that the only solution is to cover ALL the couches. That’s what my mom does! Of course, she says something about its being hard to “teach old dogs new tricks.” She couldn’t mean me, ’cause I’m only 9. That isn’t old, is it?? Better not be. Hang tough, Buddy.
Your Empathizing Friend, Max

Comment by Max

from beloved birthday boy to Bad Boy Barney; life sure does have its ups & downs.
Wishing Barney & the Disciplinarian a satisfactory solution here!

Comment by Lolly Kersey

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