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Run run as fast as you can!
October 10, 2010, 1:07 pm
Filed under: labradoodle

Today was a good day overall.  A really good day.  Mummy and daddy first had granma and granpa over for breakfast.  Granpa even let me jump up to say ‘hi’.  Mummy wasn’t so happy about it and told me to get off..but I know that granpa loved it.  So there.  I got to hang out with them and gets me lots of petting and scratches on my tummy.  Mmmm…I love me them scratches.

Then later on, they took me to the Hampstead Heath Extension.  It’s where I sometimes go with Dima.  I ran into a lot of dogs.  There was another labradoodle who was a mini one, but she wasn’t interested in me.  Oh, well.  Mummy and Daddy thought she was very attractive and kept talking about her fleecy wooly fur. Whatever.  She wasn’t fun.  Then I ran into a cockerpoo who was a blast to run around wit.  He was cool. He even let me bowl him over and didn’t bitch about it.  He jumped on me too.  Then I ran into a bunch of labradors, a miniature poodle and a big huge beast named Bear.  I don’t know what Bear was, but she was the biggest dog I’ve ever seen.  HOOGE!

Then came the bad part.  We left the park and they brought me home and gave me a bath.  Meanies…I was smelling all perfect and they ruined it.  Oh, well…tomorrow’s another day to get smelly again.


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