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Mummy went away so it was me and daddy
September 27, 2010, 7:54 pm
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Mummy went away for a week. I don’t understand what scuba diving is I think it is something to do with swimming in the water, but why did mummy have to go away for the whole week? What is wrong with the lakes near home, or the really fun smelling bog in the park? I get to swim in there why couldn’t mummy, and then she wouldn’t have to leave me?

So it was just me and Daddy. It was a bit weird at first because I didn’t get my morning run with mummy. But the good part was that I got to sleep in the bed next to daddy all night long. Daddy and I got to go on lots of walks and I got to play with lots of my friends in the park. Daddy and I got to have lots of fun wrestling. Daddy can be a bit sneaky sometimes, but I get my own back on him with a little scratch here or a little nibble there. Once or twice I can go a bit too far, but that is daddy’s fault really. He shouldn’t be so sneaky!!!

I do love my daddy though. He really did look after me while mummy was away. I got lots of walks, lots of treats and lots of cuddles too. I got a big surprise on Friday night when daddy took me for a drive and there wait for us was mummy. I was so happy to see mummy and she was really happy to see me too. I got to snifff all the things mummy got up to while she was away. So we were all back together and I was relaxed and content. I got to sleep next to mummy and daddy that night…. I had some sweet dreams! Strange…mummy didn’t smell anything like she had been swimming in a bog????

Daddy and Me

Daddy loves me too

Embarrassing Mummy
September 18, 2010, 2:03 pm
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Oh, come on now mummy…why did you have to post this one?  Wasn’t it bad enough that you had to wrap me all up?  So embarrassing.