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August 26, 2010, 9:20 am
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Mum and dad have finally set me free from the cone from hell and I’m having lots of fun running around in the rain and muck with my doggy friends.  Mummy said that doing the couch to 5k programme with me is getting much easier, though she doesn’t like it when I stop to poop in the middle of the run.  Sorry mum, when ya gotta go ya gotta go. Simple as that.

I don’t think I’ve written about a small pet peeve of mine…nicknames.  Now, I know that mum and dad think that they are being cute with all the names they call me, but it’s getting a bit ridonculus.  How would they like it if I called them the following:

– Dumm dumm

– bumm bumm

– booboo pie

– dum shit

– googoo pie

– foofoo dog

– baabaa bear

– poopy bear

etc, etc

I realize that they are said with lots of love, but still…come on.  Call me Barney.  But boo boo?  Ick!  It’s embarassing!


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Once again, friend, I feel your pain. I’m – pumpkin, dinkers, baby boy, nut case, maxie doodles, (can’t even remember all the rest; why bother). The thing of it is, I have to respond to any and all these nicknames ’cause there’s always a chance there’s a treat at the other end of it, and I don’t want to miss out on anything. Especially if the treat happens to be a Mommy Cookie. Yum! Hang in there. So glad you’re free of the collar from hell. Your friend, Max

Comment by Max

I just bet that Ryan Kersey would LOVE most of Barney’s nicknames! and he’d probably come up with a few new and creative ones! You rock, Barney; hang in there with Mummy on that 5K and you’ll both be even more gorgeous. Good Luck,
Mum/Grandmum to Barney

Comment by Lolly Kersey

Don’t forget “Barney Rubble” and then when he’s naughty you can add “your in trouble”!!!LOL

Comment by Allison

Hmm!! has got me thinking our Molly (black labradoodle) may not be overly impressed with some of her nicknames. She usually gets ‘MollyDog’ but when naughty, which is often, a few others can creep into the vocab. She is usually happy as long as she is inside sneaking a quite nap on the ‘out of bounds’ furniture!! LOL!!

Comment by Cheryl

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