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An attempt to take the dog on a walk/jog…
August 18, 2010, 3:46 pm
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Today I was all psyched for my c25k run/walk.  It’s day 2 so not too arduous.  I had my clothes laid out, sneakers at the ready & a new armband for my iPhone.  I was going to not only rock this but look good trying.  Well, things didn’t go exactly to plan.

Disaster 1:  I had a pair of workout camis that I hadn’t worn in a while.  I had used them for walking in and never had a problem.  They seemed to stay over my hips just fine.  And did so during the warmup though there was a bit of slippage.  No worries.  Then I did my first run and felt them going down, down, down.  I knew that if I wasn’t wearing a longerish t-shirt, my crack and underwear would totally be showing.  It’s not a great feeling that people in your neighborhood are seeing you hoiking up your trackies while walking/jogging.

Disaster 2:  We went into the local park, which I think Barney hadn’t been in for weeks.  He loves this park.  He went a bit mad and pulled like crazy.  I had a hard time paying attention to what I was meant to do and him.  Then he pulled one way and the armband came undone.  Argh.  In the midst of one of the eight runs.  I fixed it, but didn’t realize I lost his poop bag (this will come into play later).  So I ran a bit after that during a walk and totally went out of the program for a bit.

Disaster 3:  on the way out of the park, a woman with a dog started heading in our direction.  And again, Barney went mental.  So this woman doesn’t go in a different direction or stop for a bit…no, she isn’t staring at my losing my shit while my dog goes mental.  She keeps walking in the same frickin’ direction.  Hello!  Big frickin’ open park…mental dog and owner…walk away from them…help owner.  For F’s sake!  I finally get him under control but it takes a lot of hard work to pull in a bouncing crazy labradoodle with a plastic cone on him.

Disaster 4:  in the midst of the last run, Barney puts the breaks on and poops.  I go for the baggie and it’s gone.  And he’s popped in someone’s driveway so I can’t just leave it and come back…and it happens in front of people pulling in across the street.  So I go into the people’s recycling and find newspaper to pick it up with.  Newspaper is not great for picking up the HUGE pile of shite that this dog has just done.  I luckily, in a few more minutes, find a plastic garbage bag.  And a trash bin soon thereafter.

So I didn’t have the run/walk I was hoping for.  I can laugh right now.  But gosh it was frustrating.  Very.


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