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My solution
August 4, 2010, 8:47 am
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So, while Barney’s ear isn’t bleeding like a stuck pig like before, any time he flicks it, it does begin to bleed a bit.  So in order to try to solve this problem and still allow his ear to ‘breathe’, I decided to use a bandana.  When I had long hair, my bandana kept my hair from flopping about even when running around and diving all over the place…hmmm…maybe this would work for Barney too! 

So I put the bandana on and it covers the ear enough to keep it from flapping but still open enough so that the wound/stitches can ‘breathe’.  I’m quite pleased though right now he is sulking up a storm.  Here’s a picture of grandma Barney:


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Dear Liane and Roy,
I just read your entries since you ret’d from “the States.” I am so sorry for all of you! The dog does look funny, but hey, if it helps then it’s worth it. I just hope that when he heals and that cone comes off, he will quickly return to the Barney dog he was when you left him on July 12th!!
Love, Mum

Comment by Lolly Kersey

that has to be one of the saddest faces I have ever seen, poor Barney. I hope he is all healed soon

Comment by Wendy

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