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Square One
August 3, 2010, 8:10 am
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We’re definitely back to square one.  I took Barney out for his first walk after surgery number two and he was almost like the dog he used to be when we got him in terms of his anxiety.  If a person came anywhere near him, he went into a panic.  He pulled, spun, etc.  He’s back to barking at dogs who are near him, which of course, freaks out their owners.  I don’t know how much to attribute to him having the required cone on, which makes him feel vunerable, or if he’s going to have to go through all that training again.  It’s so frustrating for me as it’s happening at the worst time for me in some ways…I’m about to start work again & won’t have much time to dedicate to Barney.  Roy’s great about it, butI feel that I’d love to be involved in helping him recover his confidence.  And on top of all of this, people keep looking at Barney like he’s a freak and are acting more fearful of him than they did before.  Frustrating!  One year almost down the drain. 

On the positive side, he is still good about heeling (kinda) as long as no one is around.  So hoping that we can get him to stop being fearful around people once more on walks so that he doesn’t do the twirling maniac routine any longer…and can stick by our side instead of trying to get into the road.  Reminder to self – tell Roy to be extra careful when walking Barney because of this return of his tendency to bolt into the street.


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