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Back again…
August 2, 2010, 9:08 am
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I’m so sad.  Barney is back in surgery again.  The initial surgery didn’t “take”, and his flapping of his ears meant that the wound kept re-opening and bleeding.  So he will probably have to have part of the edge of his ear taken off so they can get better stitches in and then hope that the flapping of the ear won’t hurt it this time.  I’m so sad for him.  Unfortunately, all of this has set him back a bunch in terms of his anxiety issues…again he’s freaked out by every sound, barking at other dogs on lead, anxious around people and not too trusting of us (we keep taking him back to that place where he hurts).  It just make me want to cry.  My poor puppy dog.

Update:  He’s back home and pretty much passed out.  He can’t hold up his head for too long or his legs give out.  I expect he’ll be out of it for about 24 hours.  They ended up adding a bunch of stitches so it ought to hold up better…crossing fingers!


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