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June 26, 2010, 1:20 pm
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Mummy had a bunch of people over for a bbq last night.  A lot of people.  They were all females, which was good, cause they are less scary than guys are.  But it was still quite scary.  People kept coming and coming.  I barked at them to let them know that they had to be careful about coming too close.  But I really wanted to get to know them.  So I’d sneak up on them, if they were sitting down and not looking, and sniff them.  I knew one person who had come to the house before and I realy liked licking her.  And I was able to be petted by another two.  But not everyone.  Mummy keeps telling me that I’m getting better at this.  That I don’t seem quite as scared, but I’m not sure.  Yeah, I guess I am a bit better.  Mummy said that I am not barking as long and that I become calmer.  I hope that she is right.  Cause people are still scary.  I’d like it if they were less scary.


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