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A fun fact…
April 13, 2010, 8:57 pm
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If you type into google “Barney Labradoodle”, then this website comes up first!!! How cool is that? Yes, I know there won’t be many people typing those two words together…but still. I think it’s cool that a blog about me comes up. Way to go mummy!


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H Leanne
hows Barney doing these days? uess you must be busy at the moment.
Glad to see his coat has grown back after his big trim last year! I know he felt better for it at the time but you should of seen him!! LOL He went in like he is now and came out nearly bald! So glad dogs aren’t vain!
Anyway just wanted to say that it looks like he’s all settled and VERY happy and so glad he found you both.
Take care and give him a big hug from me

Comment by Allison

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