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March 16, 2010, 10:26 am
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I’m very lucky.  I have three sets of grandparents.  One of the sets lives only 1/2 mile from us and I see them at least once a week.  They are very nice, though they don’t seem to like my lickies too much.

My other two sets live a long long way away.  It’s kinda sad.  But this past weekend I got to meet one set.  My gamma and pop-pop had a long layover between India and the States and so daddy & mummy picked them up and brought them to the house to meet me.

I was a little bit nervous and barked at them, but they just ignored me so I felt a bit better.  I came and sniffed them and…they gave me treats!  Wow.  They must be nice.  Eventually I was coming over and licking their hands and eating lots and lots of yummy bits.  And this gammy liked me giving her lots of lickies, even on her face!  That made me very happy.

So now I know two sets of grandparents.  And I hope someday I get to meet my last set.


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Gamma and PopPop had a wonderful time meeting you on Saturday. We’re glad you liked the treats. And, yes, Gamma loves lickies, so no worries there. It was also fun running around the back yard with you, even though you didn’t seem too sure about the game with this stranger. We hope to see you again soon. Love, Gamma and PopPop

Comment by Evelyn Kersey

Wow, Barney, you’re super lucky to have so many grandparents! I stayed with my Mommy’s parents for a couple months in New Jersey. At first they didn’t want me in the house but agreed to let me stay in the basement. Within 10 minutes I had charmed the socks off of them and was King of the house! They came to visit me in Israel after we moved because they missed me so much 🙂

Daddy’s aunt and uncle are my Israeli grandparents and they also let me take over the house when I visit. They feed me chicken schnitzel when Mommy isn’t looking! I also have a great-grandfather in Israel. He likes me but I don’t give him kisses–he’s so old, I’m afraid I will get too excited and hurt him!

Don’t you just love old people?!

Comment by blondini

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