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March 7, 2010, 9:05 pm
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I can’t believe she did it.  Seriously.  How?  All of a sudden, daddy grabbed me between his legs with my head toward his bum and he pulled up my tail.  And then mummy did it.  The humiliation.  She took my bum hair and cut a bunch of it off.  Yes, she cut my bum hair.  How dare she?!!  She said it was cause I had a lot of bunchy matts and poo was getting stuck on it…but I didn’t care.  It was MY hair.  So now I have really short bum hair and all the other dogs are going to sniff me there and get poked in the eye with my shorter hair.  And then they’ll make fun of me.  Sigh.  Mummy just doesn’t care about me.  Wah!


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Oh no, that’s quite embarassing! If anybody makes fun of you, tell them it’s the newest trend from Paris. Just make sure to say it like the French-Pariee- so they think you know what you’re talking about!


Comment by blondini

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