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January 18, 2010, 1:24 pm
Filed under: health, labradoodle

I am so tired.  I love my mummy, but she kept me up all night long.  Seriously.  I was happily sleeping on the couch, very comfy, when all of a sudden she barged in with pillows.  What the heck?  I thought it was bed time.  But she didn’t turn on the lights or anything.  She just went and closed the curtains in front of the kitchen doors and put pillows in front of all the electronics (guess the lights on them are irritating).  And then she began to make a weird noise.  Really weird.  Almost like when I have a hairball, but louder.  Come on mummy, I’m trying to sleep and you keep making these sharp loud noises.  It’s not fair.  Okay…a bit of silence.  Maybe I’ll be able to sleep.  Oh, but no.  It’s started again.  And to be honest, it went on almost all night long.  And now she’s staying home with me.  Daddy left like normal, but mummy is here.  At least she’s giving me rubbies, but she doesn’t want to play the way she normally does.  Her eyes seem to have water coming out of them after she makes that noise.  And she seems to love all that tissue stuff cause she wipes her face with it all the time.  Wish I could eat them but she throws them away too quickly.  Mmm…used tissue.  I hope she doesn’t stay downstairs again tonight.  I need my beauty rest…there’s a cute little beagle I play with every day. 😉


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