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What is this thing?
December 4, 2009, 10:00 pm
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I was just lying around being my normal cool self (though dealing with a yeast infection in my ears which sucks).  I was loving being in the front room as it’s been closed off since I moved here.  There’s a great rug in the room and mummy & I hang in there now.  Lots of fun smells.   There was a long box next to me which was great as I could lean against it.  All of a sudden mummy moved the box and began to take stuff out of it.  Hey, my box!  And she put together something.  It smells a bit like the back garden, but it’s not lying on the ground.  Weird.  And she freaks out a bit if I get too much into smelling it.  It’s not THAT interesting.

A few days later, mummy began to hang things on this.  Shiny stuff.  It didn’t smell all the interesting but I still had to sniff it.  Mummy told me to go away.  What nerve!  But I did.  I don’t know what the big deal is.  But she won’t let me in the room unless she’s in there.  Bummer. 

Mummy took a picture of the thing and said I could put it on here.  So here it is, whatever it is:


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Lovely tree just watch his tail and make sure no toys go flying under there!!!!

Comment by Allison Read

This is too funny!!!

Comment by pentland

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