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Cold, cold, cold…wet, wet, wet
December 1, 2009, 8:59 am
Filed under: labradoodle

I’m loving this weather.  It’s just what a doggy with my kinda fur is made for.  I get to splash around and get all muddy and feel much cooler than I normally do.  I love it!  I know mummy and daddy don’t like me all muddy…they seem to want to wash me all the time now.  And I do get bad ears more regularly so mummy keeps putting some sort of powder in my ears.  Mummy and daddy also bought me a new blankie that they put on my couch.  It’s so soft and cuddly.  And I can pull it onto the floor to lie on there.  Yay!  Mummy also brushes me every day.  I like most of it cause it feels so scratchy like.  I don’t like when the bristles get caught in the dried mud, or when she’s doing my beard or legs, but overall it’s okay.  I love the cold and I love the wet.  It’s just so much fun!


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