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Thoughts on Barney
November 9, 2009, 9:34 am
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Sometimes I wonder if he wouldn’t have been better off with a family in the country. He’s still so anxious of the unknown and reacts poorly when we’re walking him and he runs into even just oen person. I think he would have felt less anxious if he was in a remote place in the middle of nowhere, running around in fields and woods. But, well, he’s stuck with us. And so I still want to get him more used to being okay with the unknown. I need to step up my leadership role. I have to be consistent. He needs to know that he is utterly safe with me. It’s been not even five months, I know…but all I want is for him to feel the best that he can. We’ll get there. I know it. Patience is just not my virtue!


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I “feel your pain.” Max drove me bananas in those early days/months. On more than one occasion, I seriously thought about finding him a place to live in the country, away from major roads, cars, etc. Chasing him over hill and dale, and expecting him to be hit and killed was a constant source of anxiety. I was afraid to open a door. To this day, he still gets hooked “twice” when he’s outside the invisible fence, since he still seems to have a knack for undoing at least one hook. The invisible fence made him a much happier dog, and helped Dad and me regain our sanity. He still has mild separation anxiety when he can’t see us, e.g., if we’re next door at the Parkers. He’ll bark til he drives us both (and probably our neighbors) nuts. (We’ve taken to putting him in his kennel when we’re next door; the confinement seems to calm him down somewhat). Unfortunately, “Rescue Dogs” are most often put up for adoption for a reason. Like you, patience is not one of my virtues, so I can empathize. If you believe in fate, God, or whatever, you probably have Barney because you’re supposed to. So, hang in there. He LOVES you, and you LOVE him, and somehow, you’ll all get through it. Ev

Comment by Evelyn Kersey

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Rescue dogs have all sorts of quirks that sometimes led to them being rescue dogs in the first place. You’re doing the best you can and he’s better off with you then in the shelter, remember that. Dogs don’t always need massive spaces to roam – they need companionship and love. You’re a brilliant dog mum!

Comment by Vegemite Wife

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