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Buh-bye mummy and daddy
October 6, 2009, 11:42 am
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Soon, mummy and daddy are going away.  They are trying to be all hush-hush about it, but I overheard that they are going to the States (where is that?).  I’m going to be very sad not to be at home and to go on walkies with them, but I guess it will be okay as I’ll be staying with my walking buddy Dima.  He has all sorts of dogs who stay at his house so I won’t get bored.  He’ll come pick me up, take me for my normal walk and then take me home with him.  I think I’ll probably be a bit freaked out, but mummy said she’ll give him my favorite toy, Koala, and she and daddy will sleep with my blankie beforehand so I can smell them when I go to bed.  I’m a bit scared and I think mummy and daddy are too, though they keep saying that I’ll have a grand old time with all the other doggies.  They figured this would be better than staying in a kennel where I knew no one.  I hope it goes okay.  I’ll let you know after they return…


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Hi Lian
I’m sure Barney will be fine and he knows Dima already so just like going to stop with a friend. I’m so glad and suprised that Barney still has his beloved Koala, he’s had him for ages now and I’m sure you’ll agree is just so gentle with him!! Bless!
Have a great holiday and hugs to Barney

Comment by Allison

Great photos! Barney looks like a real sweetheart. I’m sure he’d get along great with our doodle, Gus. Check out Take a particular look at the post titled “letting go” – I think you’ll relate! P.S. Barney will be fine – Gus was.

Comment by jnezon

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