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September 18, 2009, 9:07 am
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I love writing about Barney.  It makes me happy to post news even if it’s not good news.  I get to look back and see how things change.  But recently I haven’t been able to post much and won’t in the next few weeks either…because of my job and hockey.  I hate it.  I love my job and I love hockey, but I feel like I never see either my dog or my husband (have to admit, I miss my husband more, but Barney is a close second).  Next week I’m heading out on a school trip.  My group of 19 is going to Cornwall to go scuba diving.  I wish I could drag my hubby and dog along with me as I think they’d love being in the country and Barney would love the water.  But it’s not to be…at least not this year.  A few weeks later, we’re going away to the States for five days and Barney will have to stay with his dog walker.  So more time with hubby but less with doggie.

So I apologize ahead of time for not posting much about how Barney is doing, or putting up pics.  I don’t have the time to take pics or write.  But once hockey is over with my school (mid-Nov…after 2-1/2 months of 4-5 days a week of trainings), I promise I’ll put a lot more on here.


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