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Argh (from mummy)!
September 2, 2009, 10:16 am
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Liane here.  I have to say that I am a bit sad.  The early autumn tends to be a crazy time for me and so I know I won’t get to spend a lot of those moments with Barney.  Yesterday was one example.  I left home at 7am and didn’t get back until 9:30ish.  Barney was a bit standoffish when I arrived.  I think he’s peeved that I didn’t spend time with him.  And it’s going to happen a lot in the next few weeks.  I’m glad that Roy will get a lot more bonding time with Barney, but I’m sad that the bond we’ve developed over the summer will be stretched and strained due to my job and the things I do (like hockey).  I guess I’m going to just have to spend a lot more time with him at weekends.  I feel like such a bad parent!!!


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No, you’re a working parent. Happens all the time to parents of people puppies. Hang in there. He loves you all the same.

Comment by Evelyn Kersey

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