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Why mummy rocks my world!
August 22, 2009, 8:00 pm
Filed under: labradoodle

Today, Saturday, my mummy spent almost all day with me.  Yeah, she did go shopping, but it was for food for me (well, part of the shopping).  But the rest of the day she spent with me.  Here’s what we did:

  • We went on a walk in the park.  She walked me until I was quite tired.  It was great!  And I got to meet a little dog.  I was a bit naughty and barked at one dog, but only once.  I swear I’m trying to learn.  Really.
  • We did a training walk.  It was only ten minutes but I think I did okay.  I kept near mummy and didn’t pull hardly at all.
  • We did some training in the back garden.  I’m learning the ‘touch’ command – if I touch her hand, then I get a piece of kibble.  She started moving her hand all over the place and I did very well.  Mummy said it’s going to help me meet strangers if I think I’ll get a treat any time I do the ‘touch’ command on their hand.  We’ll see.  I still don’t like strangers.
  • We had a cuddle on the small couch that I’m allowed on.  That is, until I started trying to lick my bum.  Then I got kicked off.  Darn mummy.
  • We played ‘get the koala’.  She sits on the couch, I bring her my koala, she throws it across the house.  I lurve it so much. 
  • She watched “It’s Me or the Dog USA” on t.v.  I got to check out the little poodle who was being a menace.  Mummy was so happy that I’m much nicer.  And I think that’s where she got her idea about ‘touch’.  Hmmm…might have to get her to watch that series more.  I get more and more kibble this way!

So see?  Mummy really does rock.  She is the best.  (Daddy’s kinda cool too and I’ll talk about him tomorrow)


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