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August 31, 2009, 8:25 am
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To make up for all the missing posts, here are some of the latest pictures we’ve taken of Barney:


Run, run, as fast as you can…
August 31, 2009, 8:18 am
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Today, mummy and daddy took me to the cricket pitch to run around.  And I got to run, run and run some more for about 45 minutes.  It was glorious.  And I was actually friendly with people…well, as much as I could be.  I am getting better.  I’ve actually gone up to strangers.  I do run away again, but I try to say ‘hi’.  Mummy and daddy have been giving those strangers treats which make them very appealing.  Very.  But still they are scary.

Afterwards, daddy took me home cause he wanted to make a cake for the cricket day (a special 6-a-side event).  He couldn’t play too much cause he has a hurt eye.  And then before he left for cricket, he discovered that the little park in the centre of the roundabout was left open…so I got another run!  Woo hoo. 

What a great day!

What a good day!
August 27, 2009, 10:21 am
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Mummy stayed home in the morning with me.  So I got a longer walk with her, did some yummy training (yummy cause I get treats) and we had a long cuddle on the couch.  But then she had to leave at 10am and I was sad again.  I know I’ll go for a walk in a little bit and daddy will come home tonight and take me out…but it was so nice to have mummy to myself for a long while in the morning.  She told me she was sad that she won’t get to do this too often, but to keep my spirits up cause it’s almost the weekend.   And that I’d get a lot of daddy time tonight.  YAY!

August 25, 2009, 6:51 am
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Hi.  Mummy wanted me to tell you that she will not be able to get to posting every single day in the next few weeks.  She started that stupid job which means she’s not with me a lot and also it’s the beginning of the school year so it’s a lot tougher for her to find time to post.  But she promised me that she will try to post a lot.  And once she’s done with the first few weeks, then she’ll be back to more regular posting.  And as you may have noticed, daddy forgot to post anything about Sunday (and mummy forgot too…).

So, anyway, this morning I went on a nice 35 minute long walk with mummy.  Because she didn’t need to do her hair, she thought she’d take me on a longer morning walk.  We usually go for 20 minutes, but she had the time to go further.  I was VERY good on the walk.  When we were doing the ‘heel’ stuff, I only pulled once.  And it was cause there was a totally cool bird flapping around about 2 feet from me in the bushes.  I couldn’t help myself.  But mummy pulled me away and got me doing the right thing quite quickly.  Sorry mummy.  Then we went walking in the park.  And I was such a good boy.  Mummy put me on the longer lead and we did some sitting and coming and other movement things and I did almost everything perfectly. (It wasn’t my fault one time cause I just didn’t hear you.  Yes, I know I should be listening, but sometimes I forget.  OK.  Next time I’ll listen.)  And then we were about to leave the park and there was this weird guy hanging outside it.  He got me all aggitated, so mummy walked me a bit more.  He left and then so did we.  Mummy thought he might be staking out the area to steal a car or something.  She’s going to talk to the police just in case to let them know there was a guy being all funny around the park.

So that’s it for my morning.  Dadddy is taking me for a walk too, and then I’ll be on my own for the day until Dima comes to take me out.  Mummy brought out a toy for me to play with from my toy container – a stuffed beaver.  He made my tail go all waggy.  Mmmm….

Why mummy rocks my world!
August 22, 2009, 8:00 pm
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Today, Saturday, my mummy spent almost all day with me.  Yeah, she did go shopping, but it was for food for me (well, part of the shopping).  But the rest of the day she spent with me.  Here’s what we did:

  • We went on a walk in the park.  She walked me until I was quite tired.  It was great!  And I got to meet a little dog.  I was a bit naughty and barked at one dog, but only once.  I swear I’m trying to learn.  Really.
  • We did a training walk.  It was only ten minutes but I think I did okay.  I kept near mummy and didn’t pull hardly at all.
  • We did some training in the back garden.  I’m learning the ‘touch’ command – if I touch her hand, then I get a piece of kibble.  She started moving her hand all over the place and I did very well.  Mummy said it’s going to help me meet strangers if I think I’ll get a treat any time I do the ‘touch’ command on their hand.  We’ll see.  I still don’t like strangers.
  • We had a cuddle on the small couch that I’m allowed on.  That is, until I started trying to lick my bum.  Then I got kicked off.  Darn mummy.
  • We played ‘get the koala’.  She sits on the couch, I bring her my koala, she throws it across the house.  I lurve it so much. 
  • She watched “It’s Me or the Dog USA” on t.v.  I got to check out the little poodle who was being a menace.  Mummy was so happy that I’m much nicer.  And I think that’s where she got her idea about ‘touch’.  Hmmm…might have to get her to watch that series more.  I get more and more kibble this way!

So see?  Mummy really does rock.  She is the best.  (Daddy’s kinda cool too and I’ll talk about him tomorrow)

It’s official
August 21, 2009, 4:03 pm
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Barney has officially relaxed.  I got home today at around 1:30pm.  He didn’t show up at the door until after I had locked it and taken off my shoes.  He was passed out asleep in the other room.  I took him out for a 45 min walk and again, he passed out afterwards.  And is still sleeping as I type at 5pm.  In my mind, this means he has finally, finally relaxed in our home.  He does not feel the need to always be ‘on’ just in case.  He only gets up if he hears a loud noise.  It makes me so happy to see him in such a calm state.

Leaving my baby…
August 20, 2009, 2:57 pm
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Liane here.  Summer vacation is finally coming to an end.  Had a meeting at school today and have more tomorrow.  But the real work begins next week with all day long meetings and preseason sports.  And so it means that I will have to leave my doggy baby.  And I’m so sad.  While Barney has been a challenging baby at times, he’s also such a lovely sweet puppy.  He’s full of cuddles and kisses and is tons of fun too.  While poor Roy had to leave Barney after only a two week holiday (and it pained him a lot…and he is full of Barney love when he comes home), I’m leaving him after seven weeks of full on Barnebus.  I’m quite certain that my mind will be doggy directed all next week…

Barney here.  My mummy keeps leaving me.  While I like having some time to myself and getting sleep time, as well as cool walks with that trainer guy, I don’t like having both mummy and daddy away.  And she tells me that it’s going to get worse.  WAH!  Even though I tend to just relax while she’s here, I love my mummy and daddy, and want them with me ALL THE TIME.  I’m sure I’ll be okay, but I’ll be mummy and daddy directed all next week…