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July 13, 2009, 9:26 pm
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They closed the little park in the middle of the roundabout.  ARGH!!!  It’s the only place that we can take Barney out for a run.  And we don’t get as frustrated when we can take him there.  So tonight my husband and I tried to walk him together on the street & almost killed each other due to our frustration with the dog.  We had him in the halti halter & it didn’t make one iota of a difference.  He continued to pull, go nuts and pay no attention to us.  He twisted around when two cats came tearing across the walk.  It was hell.  I cried because I was so frustrated with Barney.  I know it’s only been two weeks but I feel like he’s learned not one thing.  And I HATE walking him.  It’s painful – my lower back is shot.  And I hate walking him with my husband even more because right now we don’t even want to talk to each other.  I feel like I’m failing in raising this dog because I ought not be this frustrated early on.  I ought to be more patient.  But I’m not being patient.  And the closing of our gated park was just a bad thing to happen right now.  I feel badly for Barney cause I’m sure he can sense our frustration and it probably didn’t make us any closer to being pack leaders in his mind.  I want to keep him, I don’t want to fail him, and I need an injection of patience right now.


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