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July 31, 2009, 10:13 am
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Today mummy and I went on a long walk in the park.  It was the longest we had ever gone on.  And it was kinda warm.  So when we returned home, I was panting up a storm.  Mummy didn’t have time to get out the paddling pool for me, so she decided to spray me with the hose.  Daddy had bought a hose attachment that has a variety of different sprays so mummy tried a few out.  Now, I need to let you know that I do not like the spray.  Maybe to drink from, but it drives me crazy when mummy sprays ME.  And she did it a bunch.  It reminds me too much of taking a bath which I don’t like.  But in some ways I did love it.  That’s why I kept running back to mummy.  It did feel good, even though it also felt weird.  And then I got to be towelled dry which I love…it’s all nice and scratchy.  What a great way to start my day!

Daddy love and my new ‘spot’
July 30, 2009, 9:17 am
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As you can see…I love my daddy quite a lot.  In fact I was quite willing to do something naughty and jump onto the sofa:



I have also found a new spot to go when I want time alone…though mummy seems to want to keep taking these pics of me.  How annoying!



Found THE product
July 29, 2009, 8:16 am
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Due to our lovely doodles walking issues…in other words, his PULLING…we’ve been trying to find a product that would work for him and us so he can walk at heal and on a loose lead when not at heal.  We’ve been working on doing it with just the basic collar and we tried out the Halti Halter with the lead that connects to front and back.  It was too fiddly and just didn’t work out well for Barney.  None of us liked it.  He also came with a face halter.  That really didn’t work out – I had worries that his neck muscles would get ripped.  But we didn’t give up.

Our trainer had shown us a few other options and one was the Lupi harness.  It’s very simple.  It ends up pulling up at the front of the dog is he pulls.  And it WORKS FOR US!!!!  He was staying at heal, hardly pulling at all.  The movement restriction seemed to be exactly what we needed.  It makes it probably a less enjoyable walk for Barney at times, due to the fact that he doesn’t get to sniff as much…but I’m more likely to then take him to the park, take off the Lupi and put on the longer lead so he can sniff for longer.  Especially as he’s responding a bit less to dogs in the vicinity.

So it’s starting to come together.  We’re going to keep doing the indoor work and back garden work off lead so that Barney starts paying more attention to us and less to the outside world, but it’s going to be a process that I think will last a while.

Bee sting
July 28, 2009, 10:39 am
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Hey.  What’s that?  Quit it!  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  Mummy, something hurt me!!!  And I can’t get at it.  No, that’s not where it hurts.  I don’t know how to let you know where it hurts.  Hmmm.  It’s not bothering me as much.  Mmmm…antihistimine in goats cheese, yummy!  Ichy, ichy.  Ooooo…stepped on something out in the back garden.  A bit freaked out now.  Don’t want to go on the artificial lawn.  Maybe after I calm down.  Thanks for making me lie down on my bed.  Think I’ll take a nap.

Goin’ for a run
July 27, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Mummy took me for a jog today.  It was awesome.  I really enjoyed it.  We walked a bit, doing some obedience, and then she gathered up the lead a bit shorter & we began to jog.  I think it forced me to pay more attention to mummy as I almost ran into her once and it kinda freaked me out.  I did do one bad thing – tried to chase a few birds- but mummy just dragged me in the opposite direction, made me sit until I was calm and then we went back to jogging again.  I know I looked so handsome cause people were making comments about how cute I was. My tail and head were up high and I was prancing like it was nobody’s business.  We didn’t go very far cause mummy doesn’t want me to get hurt or strain anything (or anything on herself) but she said we’d do this every day and build up until we could run for a good long while.  It just poops me out!  I’m feeling a bit sore right now, but I’m sure it’ll be better soon.  Mummy was mean though…she took away my swimming pool, which I love to drink rain water from. She wants me to drink from my dish, but I like the pool better.  I guess I’ll have to get used to my dish again.  Darn mummy!

An Ode to the Kong
July 27, 2009, 9:03 am
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I love me some Kong.  And today, mummy gave me a FROZEN Kong.  She had stuffed it with my food, some treats and liver paste to close the opening.  I had such a fantastic time with the Kong, especially as it’s all rainy outside and I can’t play there.  So I threw it all over the kitchen and living room trying to get stuff out.  I had a blast.  Thank you mummy!









Mummy said she’s going to give me one every single day to keep my mind active and to feed me in a different way.  I’m so happy!

A long wait
July 26, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Last night mummy and daddy were hanging out at the cricket club.  I think mummy didn’t expect to be there so late as she was going to go to another party, but she looked at her watch and it was 9:45pm!  She got all worried that she had left me too long and rushed to get home.  But the C-11 bus took forever.  She finally caught a train and made it home by 10:20.  I was glad to see her cause I had to wee quite a bit.  She gave me lots of cuddles to apologize and we played tug in our back garden.

We then stayed up late waiting for daddy.  I guess mummy wasn’t really tired.  She gave me a few rubs, talked to me about something (I don’t get her entirely, but I know she tries to make sense) and scratched my belly at least once.  Daddy came home late, but not too late – he decided he didn’t want to go to the late night clubs.  I was happy to see him and he took me outside too.  More cuddles and rubs.  Yay!

Mummy normally gets up before 7:30am to take me outside and then we go on our first walk.  But it was almost 9am before she came down.  She looked kinda tired, but I didn’t care – I just wanted OUTSIDE.  I then had to wait a while before she took me on a walk.  It didn’t happen until about 10:30.  But I was kinda stiff from playing the night before so I didn’t mind too much.  I was VERY good on my first walk.  I didn’t hardly pull or anything before we got to the park.  I can’t vouch for my behaviour in the park, but I do try to be good.

We then went home and mummy & daddy went to get the car.  They are smart people who don’t drink and drive.  I wanted to go with them, but they had to go food shopping (for my dinner, I think).  I got a chance to take a nap which was nice, cause daddy likes to play with me a lot…or at least give me tons of affection.  Sometimes I just want to sleep, darn it!

On walk number two I wasn’t such a good boy.  There were too many odd people making me scared.  An old lady was dragging a cart which really freaked me out.  Mummy tried to calm me down by walking me away and then having me sit at a distance, but I couldn’t help but shake a bit.  Then I saw a dog.  I have to admit that I went a bit crazy.  Mummy grabbed my collar and walked me in the opposite direction.  She wouldn’t let me look or go toward the other dog.  She’s not sure that this is the right thing to do, but she knows it takes my mind off of the dog and I become a lot calmer.  Mummy really wishes I would be able to just go see other dogs and not pull and bark at them.  I don’t know, I just can’t help it.

Well…just hanging out now.  I’ve enjoyed a stuffed Kong (kibble & peanut butter) and my meal for the day (3 chicken wings, a touch of kibble and anchovies).  Can’t wait for my late night walk…maybe daddy will take me on this one.  Woo hoo!

July 25, 2009, 10:32 pm
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Mummy and daddy left me for a LONG time today.  Mummy went to play cricket first, but she took me out for a short walk first.  Then daddy took me out for a longer walk in the late morning.   I was a bit naughty & pulled, but as you know, daddy is a bit of an easy touch, so I have to try it on.  And then they were both gone.  I was sad, but I got to chew on my bone for a while and take a long nap, whcih I rarely get cause I’m keeping an eye on mummy.  Then mummy came home.  She was happy cause she batted very well and her team CRUSHED the other one.  She didn’t let me lie down where I wanted, which was in a protective place.  I had to lie down in another place and I kinda felt more comfy.  Like mummy was taking care of me.  We went on ANOTHER walk and did a lot of training.  I was kinda good.  Not perfect, but okay.  She showered and then she left.  For a LONG time.  Really long.  Like six hours.  but I was so good and didn’t pee or poo in the house.  Then mummy came home, took me out back, let me pee and then took me on a short walk.   I have to admit that I was a bit hyper when we returned.  So mummy went outside and played with me a bunch.  She growled at me!!!  and I let go of my toy.  It was a bit freaky.  But I knew she was boss.  And so now I’m laying in my spot that she told me to.  I like the fact that she’s giving me order.  But you know what – I’m still gonna rebel sometimes.  Cause I know she’ll still love me.

The spoiler
July 24, 2009, 10:02 am
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Thanks to Evelyn & Jim for the most appropriate sign!!!

Itchy, itchy.
July 23, 2009, 11:49 am
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Barney has been having some issues with his skin and ears.  He is constantly scratching everywhere.  We thought at first it might be anxiety, but he seems more settled now and the scratching continued.  We have started to feed him more oils – both fish and olive oil, lots of plain yogurt and he’s on antihistimines (ok’s by vet) and has some drops for his ears.  We’re hoping that in a few weeks, we’ll help get rid of the itchiness. 

Once we get rid of this itch, then it will be so much easier to also train the guy.  He keeps having to stop to scratch.  I can’t blame the poor guy cause I’ve been there.