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The search for a doodle…
April 9, 2009, 8:55 pm
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I know…such a name for a dog…sounds all designer and such.  But it’s an appropriate name for the dog – part labrador, part poodle.  Labradoodle.

I rescued a labrador a year after I started working in a boarding school.  She was a bit crazy but also quite sweet.  I enjoyed raising her…but had to give her up when I moved to England.  I vowed that I would someday get another dog.  And now is that day…

Today we had a homecheck to rescue a labradoodle.  And I’m pretty sure it went well.  We have a big home (for London), a decent sized yard (again, for London) and access to a few parks nearby (including the Heath).  So we’ll hear some time in the near future as to whether we will get a doodle.

We’re hoping to rescue one in June.  We’re going through the Labradoodle Trust.  So cross your fingers!

Why try for a rescued labradoodle and not just go through the local pound? 

  • I’ve already rescued a labrador and so feel comfy with a similar type of dog.
  • Labradoodles have a great energy, very friendly, quite intelligent & just seem to be a good fit for me.
  • Most of the pound dogs are breeds that I don’t see as family/other dog friendly.  I could be wrong, but I’m just not ready to take on a Staffie or Rottie.
  • I saw one and fell in love.  I wouldn’t go out and buy a puppy, as I’m a big fan of rescue, but thought if I could get one through rescue it’d be great.  And I can!